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Concrete passages about closeness and coldness… and a couple of songs

This is a poetic photo series about relationships. It is as if we are strolling amongst the pieces of a contemporary opera set.
Just, the stories take place in concrete spaces.

There are smaller abstract compositions positioned between the figurative pictures. These compositions fill up with particular emotions, which progress on to other emotive qualities. Geometric patterns also draw the story on, as they return from image to image and in this way help to establish coherence in the series. There are some diptychs shot in the same space from two different points of view. Also, one pair of photographs was taken at exactly the same moment.

As the viewer will begin to appreciate, this photo series has no linear story. The connection between the images is not usual. It better resembles a wave or a musical composition. For this reason, we might consider this series to be a kind of “visual symphony”.

In contrast, the book format does indeed impose a linear experience on the viewer. That is to say the page position determines the point in time at which the viewer will meet with a particular photograph. When we experience this linear time we encounter different elements, moods and tones. These are created by the fusion of many images that flow from start to finish.

And definitely, a book has a beginning, middle and end.


290 mm x 205 mm
16 images, 56 pages,

Conception and design: Gábor Kasza
Graphic design: Dániel Kozma

Cast: Emese Cuhorka, Ilka Bardóczy, Árpád Forgó, Gyula Francia,
Orsolya Kaincz, Anna Kudron, Csaba Molnár, Gáspár Téri,